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by Isaac Annan - Friday, 12 May 2017, 10:44 AM
As part of efforts to resolve all your complaints and concerns, the Registry has decided to receive direct complaints from all students and promises to resolve them immediately.

Therefore, send any complaint or concern you have directly to the REGISTRAR at registrar@ait.edu.gh.

We will receive all kinds of complaints e.g. fee payment, grades, assignments, course registrations, publication of grades, staff attitude, certifications, admissions, facilities, teaching, systems etc.

Any problem bothering you about our programmes and how we run it
plus all other issues should be sent to the Registry for immediate action.

Please note that if your complaint is about grades, do add your
name, ID, Course name and code, trimester you wrote the exams and possibly the name of the facilitator.

Apart from grades, you are not obliged to add your personal details to the complaints you make.

We can assure you that your messages will be treated with strict

I am on standby to address all your issues.

Thank you for choosing AIT.

Best Regards

Signed: Registrar