CMNS5103 Network Security
CMAD5103: Software Architecture and Design
CMAP6104 Advance Object Oriented ProgrammingInformation
CMAS6103_Computer Architecture & Operating System
CMCC5103 - Corporate CommunicationInformation
CMCF5103: Fundamentals of ICT
CMCL5103 - Communication Law
CMCN6103: Networking Technologies and Web Security Information
CMCN6203_ Advance Computer Networks
CMDA5103: Algorithm and Data Structure
CMDB5103: Database System
CMDB6103 Advance Database SystemInformation
CMIP6103: Information System Planning (ISP)This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
CMIR5103: ICT Resource ManagementInformation
CMIS5103 Methodology of Information System Development
CMMA5103: Multimedia AuthoringInformation
CMMC5103: Software Maintenance and Configuration ManagementInformation
CMMD5103: Multimedia Web DevelopmentInformation
CMME5103: Multimedia EconomicsInformation
CMMT6103 - Multimedia Technology
CMPL5103: Programming Languages
CMPM5103-CMSM5103: Project Management
CMPR5103: Software Engineering Process & Methods
CMQM5103: Software Quality and Metrics
CMRA5103: Software Requirements
CMRM6103-CMRM6203: Research MethodologyInformation
CMRT6103: Real-Time Software EngineeringInformation
CMSE6103: Software Engineering and User Interface Design
CMST5103: Software Testing
CMTC5103 Fundamental of Communication TechnologyInformation
CMWA5103: Web Application DevelopmentInformation
CMWD6103 Web Design and Technologies